Preparedness for Active Shooter and Violence within the Monitoring Center

Don’t let an active shooter catch you unprepared! Originally aired on May 25, 2021, this highly impactful webinar training will help your organization prepare and respond to an active shooter incident in your workplace.

The recent surge in such events reminds us that the risk is real. It can happen anywhere…anytime.

Did you know?
• The average active shooter incident lasts 4-8 minutes, with 70% over within 5 minutes?
• The national average for law enforcement response is 3-6 minutes?

It’s critical for your business to take steps now to prepare employees for the time when every second counts.

Duration: This 2-hour online training and be empowered to take action and have the tools and action plans to survive.

Description: TMA has coordinated a customized program geared towards monitoring center operations personnel including HR Managers, Operations Directors and Supervisors and anyone interested in learning more about this important issue.

During this interactive session, we will cover:
• Lessons learned from previous tragic events
• Defining Active Shooters
• Why we need to prepare
• Response plans to Active Shooters, options for survival
• Preventing Workplace Violence
• Mental Scripting
• Situational Awareness
• Warning Signs
• Render Trauma Aid
• Resources
• How to talk with your kids

Plan and Prepare! On-going, nationwide critical events serve as a reminder for everyone to be aware of their environment. With these events in mind, the Dane County (Wisconsin) Sheriff’s Office continues to take a proactive approach to active shooter/workplace violence. Join Josalyn Longley and Cindy Holmes, emergency preparedness coordinators, who have trained over 20,000 people over the last three years to learn valuable life-saving tips that everyone on your team should know.