Chad Wright Named Rapid Response CTO

Jeffrey Atkins, president of Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc., announced the promotion of Chad Wright, currently Vice President of Technical Services, to Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, Chad will oversee initiatives in Information Technology and Software Development and will plan the future of technical development at Rapid Response. Chad joined Rapid Response in 2017 as Vice President of Technical Services and was responsible for the management of the Information Technology, Programming, and Project Management teams. He managed the 99.999% uptime SLA across two data centers, and he led development for commercial applications. He has held the position of Chief Technology Officer previously at MicroAutomation and at Salesblade.

Upon joining Rapid Response, however, he almost immediately faced challenges as our headquarters and monitoring center expanded in Syracuse, the COVID pandemic made evident the need for dispersed and remote work connections for non-monitoring personnel, and the need for a broader based Operations team led to the development of our new Henderson facility. His efforts in meeting these challenges, and many others, were critical in keeping the company in position to be highly competitive, particularly in what continues to be an uncertain economic environment.

“There is no stronger or clearer indication of a company’s sophistication and competitive strength than the level of expertise exhibited by its employees. I am confident that in his new role as Rapid
Response CTO, Chad will provide and inspire the very highest level of excellence in supporting Rapid Response as a leader in this industry,” said Atkins.

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