DMP’s X1 Series™ Introduces New Access Control Solution

DMP’s X1 product line delivers a solution that’s simple to program, installs in minutes, and is easy to use.

What’s Different About the X1? 

  • Network and cellular-based connectivity – customers’ access control functions are never vulnerable to normal network outages.
  • A system that scales easily – up to 1,000 doors on a system can be managed in the cloud. To add more doors locally without adding multiple X1s, the new X1-8 is a cost-effective solution.
  • Add-on module for PoE power.
  • Support for Wiegand and OSDP reader protocol on any or all readers.
  • Fully programmed in Dealer Admin™ and maintained in Virtual Keypad™.
    Frictionless access control using Bluetooth readers and mobile credentials.

The X1 also includes network and cellular-based connectivity, ensuring a customer’s access control functions are never vulnerable to normal network outages. And, unlike other access offering, the X1’s optional cellular module can be used as the primary or backup for an entire system to ensure constant communication with the cloud.

While the X1 Series is cloud managed, all programming including up to 10,000 credentials, 99 schedules and 999 permission levels are all stored locally in each X1. Therefore, if the customer’s site were to lose network connectivity, the system will continue to function like normal.

What Does All This Mean to Security Companies

The X1 offers a solution to help security companies expand their businesses in the stand-alone access control market now and into the future. And, since this product line provides customers with an app and browser that they can use to manage the systems from anywhere, integrators are now able to create new RMR off of access control applications they previously didn’t have.

For more details about the X1 Series or to schedule a webinar, visit

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