Calipsa’s False Alarm Reduction Platform Chosen by GPS Security Group

Calipsa, a provider of deep-learning powered video analytics for false alarm reduction, announced that Edmonton, Alberta-based GPS Security Group is using its false alarm filtering platform. GPS, which offers a complete range of security services across Alberta, British Columbia and other parts of Western Canada, is the third Canadian central monitoring station to adopt the cloud-based Calipsa technology.

Calipsa’s software uses artificial intelligence with deep learning technology to recognize genuine alarms caused by human or vehicle movement. More than 90% of notifications resulting from nuisance factors such as animals, lighting, weather or foliage are filtered out, helping operators reduce their response times to genuine threats.

A platform dashboard enables station managers to monitor the software’s performance, including detecting idle cameras that may need replacement or moving to a better position.

Click here to learn more about Calipsa’s false alarm reduction platform.

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