Experiencing blocked or mislabeled calls?

TMA wants to hear from you! In response to the FCC request for examples, TMA seeks to learn how members’ communications with customers are being impacted by call blocking programs initiated by carriers to stop robocalls.  Please email cbesore@tms.us with your comments by Sept. 24th.

Please provide the following information for any instances:

  1. Whether the calls were blocked or mislabeled as fraud?
  2. What carrier did the blocking/mislabeling?
  3. When did the blocking/mislabeling occur?
  4. Were the blocked/mislabeled calls from the central station to the customer to verify the alarm signal or to the PSAP or other public safety entity to report the alarm?
  5. Did the central station contact or try to contact the carrier about the blocking/mislabeling?
  6. What was the response from the carrier?

Below, find the appropriate contacts for the different telecom providers to whom you should also report your experiences.


Contact AT&T by phone at  800-337-5373 (prompt 1) or via email at


Contact AT&T’s third party analytics company, Hiya, at https://hiyahelp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new



Register in with T-Mobile at https://www.calltransparency.com.  According to T-Mobile, the Call Transparency list “allows legitimate businesses and other legitimate callers a place to provide their phone numbers and information about the traffic on those numbers.”

Report when a call has been incorrectly blocked or labeled at https://feedback.fosrvt.com/.



Register  with Verizon’s third party vendor, Transaction Network Services (TNS), at https://voicespamfeedback.com.

According to Verizon, it offers two robocall mitigation services:  (1) Call Filter for Verizon wireless customers and (2) Spam Alert for Verizon wireline residential customers.   Both services label calls based on analytics from TNS.   Customers and calling parties can report if telephone numbers are inadvertently being flagged as potential spam or fraud at the feedback website.


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