Cyber-attacks – Are you prepared?

Over the past few weeks, TMA has virtually hosted its 2020 Annual Meeting and the first portions of its OPS-TECH 2020. Cyber attacks and ransomware has been a thread through both programs.

When it comes to cyber-attacks, it’s no longer “if”; it’s when

Our Annual Meeting cyber panel of experts definitely got the hearts and minds of attendees racing with the news that it isn’t “if” your company is attacked; it’s when. The incidents of ransomware has more than doubled in the period between the end of 2019 and Q3 2020. According to the panel’s moderator, Sacha Kylau, Director Business Development, OnTel, “It is getting worse and worse. Plan for the day you will be hit.” Plans should include a business continuity plan and a disaster plan. The panel stated that company and customer data must be protected, but emphasized that it is impossible to 100% secure data. The panel advised attendees to implement a multi-layered approach. Staff training in accordance with the plans is imperative. Be proactive. It is too late when something happens.

US FBI offers tools and assistance to businesses

On Tues., Nov. 17th, FBI Special Agent Brian, the third portion of our OPS-TECH 2020 kicks-off with a keynote address by Brian Cyprian, a Special Agent for the FBI and Supervisor of the Charlotte Cyber Task Force. Special Agent Cyprian will deliver a cyber threat update, explaining the latest trends in current and evolving cyber-attacks with guidance and best practices for managing these threats.

He’ll share strategies for preparation, prevention, and responding to cyber-attacks in partnership with the FBI. Learn how your IT teams can benefit from access to the tools and assistance that is available from your local FBI office.

Learn more about the technology portion of our OPS-TECH 2020 meeting, opening tomorrow, and register to take part in the topical, timely subject matters impacting your business today and in the future. Go online to