CSAA History: Stan Lott

Robert A. Bonifas, President and CEO, Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. recently found photos of himself and Stan Lott from 1989. ” I ran across an album of many photos from a CSAA “Study Mission” trip to Australia that was done after a Hawaiian CSAA convention. The pictures are of a CSAA Stan Lott and others.,” he said.

“When John Murphy was president of CSAA he had me stand up and tell the membership who Stan Lott was because neither he nor most of the membership knew who Stan was and what he had done for the association to cause him to be memorialized for CSAA’s most prestigious award.

“These pictures probably were the last pictures taken of Stan before his death at the age of 46 in early 1989. The enclosed picture with more than Stan and I also have a few more people who are also deceased, Peter Newman who for many years was CSAA volunteer Treasurer and if my memory is correct was 83 in this picture and the big guy Larry Gass  who owned an alarm company called Tulsa Security, Inc. in Tulsa Oklahoma. The woman in the picture was a tour guide.



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