Who’s Your One? Member-Get-a-Member Campaign

Did you know that the best source for new members is current members? It’s true!

No one knows the real benefits of TMA membership better that you. Why? Because you have first-hand experience, like no one else, to share with other professionals in the monitoring industry. Your personal stories of how TMA helped you to:

  • Build your professional network;
  • Identify a new career opportunity;
  • Establish your company as a credentialed service provider; or,
  • Increase your company’s operational efficiency.

Your story is unique and powerful – and it’s yours to share!

Who’s Your One? Member-Get-a-Member Campaign

TMA challenges you to reach out to your network and recruit at least one new member between July 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020. Easy, right? Everybody has one contact whose company and team can derive ROI from their engagement in TMA.

We’ll reward you!

For a company that identifies you as the person who is responsible for their decision to join TMA, you will receive:

  1. One chance to win a complimentary registration to TMA’s 2020 Annual Meeting per new member
  2. $100 VISA gift card (applies to: Listed, Non-Listed Alarm, Non-Listed Non-Traditional, and Associate memberships ONLY)

So, if you recruit three new members – you could receive $300 in VISA gift cards* and three chances to win a registration to the 2020 Annual Meeting!

The winner of the complimentary Annual Meeting registration will be announced at ESX 2020 in Nashville.

We’ll also post a tally of all new member along with their recruiter on this web page and in other TMA communications throughout the term of the campaign! Stay tuned!

Get out there – Who’ll be Your One?

* $100 gift card is applicable to dues categories: Listed, Non-Listed Alarm, Non-Listed Non-Traditional, and Associate ONLY
Note – Rewards will be presented once the new member pays membership dues in-full.