TMA’s Half-Year All-In Membership Drive

Now’s the time to join The Monitoring Association (TMA)! (Extended through September 30)

It’s our Half-Year All-In Membership Drive. What does that mean for you, your company, and your team? Your company can now join TMA and save 50% off of annual dues. Your team will receive full member benefits from the time you join through December 31, 2019.

If you’ve been considering joining TMA – this is your best opportunity to go all-in and experience the value TMA membership delivers.

TMA membership gives you and your team access to:

  • Networking – Connect with peers and grow your network by taking part in TMA meetings, committees, and online communities. 
  • Training and Education – Enhance and strengthen knowledge and skills through TMA’s training and education programs.
  • Influence – Lend your expertise and voice to industry-wide standards and legislation; influence the future of the monitoring industry.
  • Information – Access valuable information to aid your company in enhancing its business operations and customer service.
  • Best Practices – Gain insights into how your industry peers are navigating the disruptors that may impact your business success. 

Take a closer look at all of your TMA member benefits, in detail.

And, you can save even more…

If you join TMA now for 18 months, you’ll receive an additional 10% off of your 2020 annual membership dues!

How do I join and get started?

To begin the application process please contact Illeny Maaza, Director of Membership and Programs,, 703-660-4918, or Malory Todd, Manager of Member Services,, 703-660-4914.

Note: The membership is held by the company and it is not transferable. If a change in the control of a member occurs, the membership is suspended and the member must reapply for membership. If the resubmitted applicant such applicant is approved, such membership shall be reinstated without payment of initiation fees. If not approved, membership shall terminate.