TMA Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that one of the best ways to realize the greatest value of your TMA membership is to actively engage in the association community? There are many ways for members to take part in TMA’s initiatives – from education program and standards development to membership recruitment and marketing/communications. The benefits of volunteering are many for both the individual professional and the member company. Networking building, brand and reputation enhancement, and potential new business are among the benefits most volunteers attribute to their volunteer activities. Volunteering is a win for TMA and a win for the member!

This page contains a listing of volunteer opportunities that TMA staff has identified. It will be updated as opportunities shift – so, please visit often!

Questions? Contact the TMA staff member associated with the opportunity for additional details.

When thinking about if and how you’d like to volunteer within TMA, here are some considerations:

  1. What are your interests…talents…expertise…or passion?
  2. How much time are you able to contribute?
  3. Is there a certain time of year that is better for you over another?
  4. Can you travel?
  5. Do you have team members with amazing ideas who need experience?



Please contact or call TMA VP of Education and Training Julie Webber directly at (703) 660-4915 to discuss volunteer opportunities in education. Ready to sign up? Click HERE

Operator Level 2 Module Review:  
Experts needed in advanced call handling, internal conflict resolution, leadership development, telecom and technology advances (including PERS and video surveillance techniques), cybersecurity and industry standards. 
WHAT’S NEEDED: Help with module review and when necessary, content development. TMA is providing written outlines and needs industry validation on content and application in the real-world monitoring center environment.
TIMELINE: TMA plans to launch the course BETA by mid-October in conjunction with TMA’s annual meeting.
HOURS: Modules are averaging between 15 and 20 pages of content; time needed depends on activity (for example, exercise development may take longer).  Flexible hours based on areas of expertise. Response deadlines must be met to meet production schedule deadlines.

TMA Webinar Presentation
TMA webinars are purely educational and provide a “sales free” environment for members to learn about industry trends, updates and innovations. 
WHAT’S NEEDED: Topic ideas and speakers for just-in-time 45 min/15 min Q&A virtual programs on topics of interest to the professional monitoring industry.
TIMELINE: Webinars are scheduled based on calendar availability.
HOURS: Flexible hours based on time needed to prepare and practice presentation.

2019 Fall Ops Program Planning
Fall Ops is scheduled this year on Nov 11-13 just outside Minneapolis, MN. This event is geared towards best-practice development for monitoring center personnel working at various leadership levels. 
WHAT’S NEEDED: Help to review content survey feedback, select sessions and discussion topics, and identify speakers to provide actionable take-aways. Manufacturers and service providers are encouraged to participate as they are integral to the success of monitoring center operations.
TIMELINE: Four months away, this event is meant to present just-in-time topics for all levels of leadership in the monitoring center.  Programs and speakers should be confirmed within a two month period (by September 30th).
HOURS:  Kick-off meeting week of August 12th; approximately 4 hours per month for 3 months.

ESX 2020 Education Track Planning:
ESX is our annual trade show that TMA hosts in partnership with ESA. In addition to business development opportunities in the exhibit hall, attendees benefit from a distinctive array of educational sessions geared to the needs of those in the alarm industry. 
WHAT’S NEEDED: Help with vetting “hot topics” and suitable speakers to share actionable take-aways with expo attendees.
TIMELINE: TMA will receive a feedback report on this year’s event at the end of August and will determine next steps for 2020. For marketing purposes, session topics and descriptions are due before the end of November
HOURS: TBD, based on planning meeting scope of expectations; email reviews of course topics, titles and descriptions in October/November; and speaker identification/confirmation January through March; estimated 2 hours per month for 5 months.

Annual Meeting 2020 Planning
TMA’s annual meeting showcases educational topics that include keynote speakers and panels geared towards executive level company owners and representatives. 
WHAT’S NEEDED: Help to select speakers that will provide high value to all attendees. Online research and reference gathering for paid speakers; and program development.
TIMELINE: The annual meeting takes place in October, date and location are TBA.  Requests for proposals are due by January 31st. Proposal review begins immediately following in early February. Review and selection of keynote speakers can begin now.
HOURS: Planning meetings are through email and over the phone on the front end.  Requires approximately 1 to 2 hours per month based on marketing deadlines.