UL’s  Fire and Security Service Solutions Program


Our Fire and Security Service Solutions provide property owners, regulatory authorities and insurance agencies with confidence that the services provided by an alarm company are in compliance with the appropriate industry standards. Our technical experts assess alarm companies for their ability to install, maintain, test, inspect and monitor alarm systems.

A property’s alarm system can only be issued a UL certificate by a UL Listed alarm company. Why is this important? To become UL Listed, an alarm company must demonstrate exceptional competence and consistent adherence to relevant codes and standards. To maintain their UL listing, the alarm company must successfully demonstrate this level of service through an audit conducted by us on an annual basis.

The UL certificate is an alarm company’s declaration that the alarm system equipment, installation, maintenance and service meet, and often exceed, minimum standard requirements, giving AHJs and alarm system subscribers confidence in alarm system performance.


Our Fire and Security Solutions program sets minimum standards for the installation and servicing of an alarm system, which helps facilitate a fair bidding process for alarm companies and alarm system subscribers.

Additionally, service elements, including signal monitoring, retransmission, runner service and record keeping, comply with applicable UL Standard(s) and nationally recognized codes, promoting transparency between alarm companies, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and alarm system subscribers.

Why UL Solutions

We’ve been partnering with the alarm industry for more than a century to improve the safety and effectiveness of alarm system installation and services. Our experienced technical experts wrote the Standards referenced by alarm companies, authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) and other third-party verifiers to assess alarm system installation and services across North America. We continue to partner with our customers and other industry stakeholders to enhance and expand our fire and security solutions program to empower trust in alarm systems and services across the country.

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