Speaker Lounge

Thank you to all of our valued volunteer subject matter experts. Please see below for more information about speaking at TMA events.

Fall Ops 2020 Speaker Proposal Link

• Previous speaking experience is not a requirement; TMA encourages professional growth and will review all proposals that are complete, well- structured, and demonstrate true benefit to the program attendees.
• Members will be given priority during the speaker selection process.
• NEW! Speakers will receive a 20% discount off the full registration fee (a savings of $125).
• Speakers are encouraged to deviate from the standard presentation format by setting up interactive activities to inspire discussion. An audience engagement tool such as Kahoot! is one way to showcase your creativity.
• Speakers are responsible for developing their own resource handouts. When applicable, TMA will work with individuals to provide a digital medium to disseminate materials.
• For multiple proposals, please complete a separate survey for each topic.

Speaker Selection Process
The TMA education committee co-chairs and Fall Ops planning committee along with the TMA Vice President of Education and Training will review all submissions received by the deadline. Selections will be made based on subject matter and relevance. All primary contacts will be notified of selection status on or before Friday, May 29, 2020.

Speaker/Panel Prep Sessions will take place in September/October. 
These 30-minute conference calls will include a thorough review of the presentation slides, related handouts, and other materials. TMA has a strict “no-advertising” policy and reserves the right to remove any material deemed as such.

✓ Provide contact information for those involved in your presentation. If you plan on presenting with one or more people, please make sure to include their names and contact information, including preferred method of contact, company affiliation, phone and email address.
✓ Include a short bio. Outline your years of experience, educational background/credentials, and practical experience in the subject matter. Don’t forget your co-presenters! If you have not yet identified your co-speaker(s), please provide a representative category (i.e., from the Monitoring Center perspective).
✓ Are you engaging the audience? Providing Take-aways? Your presentation should be conducive to exchanging ideas and problem solving with the end goal of providing solid take-aways for action back at the office.
✓ Along with a brief overview, please indicate the proposed format of your presentation. Sessions are typically 60 minutes including time for Q&A. Discuss what makes your topic relevant. Why should we attend?
✓ Please indicate whether you will be providing handout resource materials.
✓ Submission deadline: Noon on Thursday, April 30, 2020

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact
Julie Webber | TMA VP Education and Training
703-660-4915 | education@tma.us