Virtual Product Reviews

TMA Virtual Product Reviews are webinars inspired by the popular two-minute “lighting round sessions” we offer at TMA Annual Meetings, where our Sponsors and Associate Members have an opportunity to speak about their products. The Virtual Product Review expands the lightning round concept into a 15-minute virtual live product review from a current TMA advertiser, in which attendees will not only learn more about a new/improved product or service, are able to ask questions. The live webinars are archived below.


Network Navigator: Cybersecurity, Network Health, and More
Thursday, Oct. 24 | 2:00

Bold Group’s Network Navigator can play a major role in both your IT services and your frontline defense. By remotely and securely monitoring your customers’ networks and devices over a secure VPN connection, you can assure device health, equipment availability, provide remote support, conduct remote video tours, and more. If your customer monitors IoT devices, the lack of security in these products introduces significant vulnerability to your network. Network Navigator provides real-time monitoring of IoT device health, providing a simple solution to a complex problem.

Join Bold Group’s stages® Director of Technology Bill Brousseau as he discusses the benefits of this extraordinary device, part of Bold’s Security Intelligence suite of cybersecurity products developed specifically for our industry.

About the speaker:

William Brousseau, CISSP, Director of Technology, Bold Group – stages®

Mr. Brousseau, has over 25 years of Data Security experience including designing, implementing, and testing data security systems for large corporations and utilities. Founder of Phoenix Data Security, managed security provider and monitoring service. He is now the Director of Technology for stages® at Bold Group.


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  • Provide your customers with secure, hosted video monitoring with AXIS Guardian– May 2019. AXIS Guardian is a cloud-based surveillance service platform, tailored to the needs of alarm monitoring providers. AXIS Guardian enables professional monitoring, access, and storage all while increasing alarm operation efficiency with remote video verification and reset of false alarms. Learn how AXIS Guardian provides value with operational efficiencies, cost savings, and new revenue streams to your customers.
  • Better Business Operations and Accounting with Bold’s AlarmBiller – January 2019. This cloud-based billing software creates recurring invoices, keeps track of appointments, schedules work orders, writes proposals, accepts payments, and performs many other tasks specifically geared for the needs of the security business.
  • PowerG, Johnson Controls, Tyco Security Solutions – December 2018
  • Improving Operator Efficiency with A.I. – December 2018  
    Umbo Light is a powerful security video A.I. service that helps monitoring scale. With 98% accuracy in seeing humans and human behaviors, this solution ignores car headlights, animals, weather and more to send only true, accurate alerts to your operators. This 15-minute free webinar demonstrates using actual video clips and demos, the power of Light’s A.I. technology, already being used by leading stations with direct impact to the bottom line.
  • CloudEye Cloud Video Recording from DICE Corporation — November 2018. As a complete cloud video recording solution, CloudEye is ideal for monitoring centers, retail and loss prevention, and everything in between. Link coming soon!
  • Honeywell Total Connect VISTA Partitions –September 2018 – The recent release of Honeywell Total Connect VISTA partition support can help your business stay competitive with your VISTA customers. It can help you increase your attach rate and hardware sales, and target commercial customers as well as residential multi-dwelling homes. What Can Users Do with This New Offering? This feature offers remote control of security for up to eight VISTA® partitions from a PC or mobile device. Small business owners can globally arm, disarm, bypass sensors, or set up and assign users for select partition control. Event notifications and the ability to remotely disarm for select partitions are added benefits. Learn about the benefits to your customers and the support materials available for you to market this feature.
  • Altronix Ethernet over Coax – July 2018 This 15-minute virtual product review highlights the eBridge800E 8-Port EoC Switch and introduces the eBridge1600F which is Altronix’s 16-port EoC switch with Ethernet and Fiber uplinks. Altronix Ethernet over Coax (EoC) media converters seamlessly facilitate the upgrade of analog to IP by repurposing coax cabling. These media converters deliver the additional benefit of providing both power and data over a single coax cable. Altronix’s comprehensive line of EoC solutions eliminate the need to rip and replace existing cabling with tremendous flexibility and substantial savings. (Archived)