TMA NextGen Spotlight

NextGen Member Spotlight


Ryan Brady, NextGen Co-Chair
Associate at TRG Associates, Inc & Owner at Shoreline Fire Equipment, LLC in Old Saybrook, CT

Q: What is your general day-to-day like?
At TRG, I take part in business valuations, acquisition planning, due diligence and marketing consulting for the Electronic Security industry, as well as the PERS Industry. TRG also continues to work in conjunction with The Monitoring Association in the most comprehensive attrition study ever undertaken in the Security Industry, that I compile and analyze yearly. (
At Shoreline Fire Equipment, we are a full-service Fire Suppression business servicing Connecticut, Rhode Island, & New York.

Q: What does NextGen mean to you?
The Next Generation of leaders within the Electronic Security and Professional Monitoring industries are at a crossroads. The machines we use to provide both protection and comfort are more connected and elegant than they have ever been and are improving year-over-year. These women and men must run their businesses and service their customers, while simultaneously trying to understand what said customer is going to want incrementally into the future while the customers themselves don’t know what kind of intelligent vehicle they would like the company to provide for them next.
The Monitoring Association provides an avenue to be active on the front lines of technological advancements, education, standards, and issues that affect the landscape of our businesses every day; and TMA NextGen aims to make that tangible world filled with crossroads and far-reaching consequences instantly smaller for the future professionals of our industry.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
I’m a lifelong drummer and while I went to UConn to study the human brain, I ended up mostly studying marching band drumline and pep band music. I won a championship ring with the UConn Women’s Basketball team in 2009 and all I had to do was drum so while the merit of said ring can be called into question, it has my name on it, so the NCAA has decided I am also a championship basketball player and who am I to argue.
My dream job as a kid was to make movies, so whenever I get the chance, due to how cheap professional caliber cameras are, and how free my friends work for, I try and keep that dream alive. One of those films, “Ian and the Bishop,” was selected and got me invited to the Reykjavik International Film Festival.
I am also the co-host of The Westworld Podcast, available for free on Soundcloud shameless plug, an avid fan of Overwatch & Rocket League Esports, and once again just to make sure everyone knows, an NCAA National Basketball Ring Holder slash Champion.

Q: Why is the NG group important to TMA, and to the industry?
NextGen is The Monitoring Associations community of resources made up of both like-minded Next Generational talent, as well as people who have been successful in the industry over decades and generations.
The ability to pick the brain of someone going through exactly what you are followed immediately by someone whom has made the same leaps and mistakes that are in your path themselves is invaluable. We here at NextGen hope to foster these conversations and relationships that at its best can provide an all-encompassing back-bone for both the industry and your own personal businesses or places of employment.

Q: Why should members join NG?
The people. Being a member of TMA checks off so many boxes within itself when it comes to understanding and reacting to the marketplace and your customers. As you promote yourself by attending the Industry gatherings, such as the TMA Annual Meeting, TMA Fall Ops, ESX, or the Technology Summit, being a member of NextGen instantly gives you a place to confidently stand and discuss the challenges and successes we all face every day.


Brandon G. Freedman, NextGen Co-Chair
Customer Experience Manager at Wayne Alarm Systems Inc. in Lynn, MA

Q: What is your general day-to-day like?
My typical day is spent focusing on the customer experience journey and ensuring that we are delivering the best possible services to our family of customers. Currently we have a strong focus on developing standard operating procedures throughout the company to ensure all of our processes are refined and documented. Additionally, I work with the rest of our management team to assist where needed.

Q: What does NextGen mean to you?
To me, NextGen is a fun and relaxed way to meet, network and build relationships with peers in the security industry. Every year, as NextGen grows, so does my personal network of professionals that I can reach out to for their expertise on a given issue I may be experiencing. In my personal experience, when I first started to get involved and attend trade shows/ conferences could be a bit overwhelming with the amount of people to meet and also being one of the younger attendees. NextGen helps bridge that gap and allows for a more focused networking event which could equate to being something like a Young Professionals Association.

Q: What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time, my wife Debra and I like to spend as much time outdoors as possible. We regularly mountain bike, paddleboard, hike, ski and travel to explore new places. Our favorite place during the summer is spending time at our operation down on Nantucket Island to relax and enjoy the weekend.

Q: Why is the NG group important to TMA, and to the industry?
I think NextGen is really important for our industry to help attract and retain the future of the security industry workforce. Getting them involved in associations now so they can participate on committees is crucial to ensure we pass down information from the industry veterans. Just like any company we have to be looking towards to future and it all starts with training and education.