Honorary Members


Prior to 2016, Honorary Membership was extended to individuals of acknowledged eminence in any profession or occupation who has been responsible for or who has made a significantly valuable personal contribution to the alarm industry or other attainment of its objectives.

The following individuals were designated Honorary Members:

Ray Adams*
Benjamin H. Call*
Ron Davis
Patrick Devine*
Joseph F. Duncan Sr.*
Harold W. Gray Jr.*
Frank Guibert*
Leonard Herz
Sara E. Jackson*
Ron LaFontaine
Harold Leich*
Craig Leiser
Lew Lewellen*
Tom Lewin*
Stanley C. Lott *
John W. Mabry*
James H. McDowell*
Marc Mineau*
Peter J. Neumann*
John Poile*
William Rose*
Norman Rubin*
Robert W. Shirley*
George A. Smith Jr.*
Patricia M. Smith
Thomas F. Smith*
Ron Spiller
Lawrence W. Thomason
Ira Warlick*
Everett Westphal*