Thank you very much for your time. We understand this is a significant commitment for you in addition to your full-time position and your family.

Please select the links below to view a PDF of the application in each respective category.

Please be mindful to make notes if something in particular stands out to you for some reason. It may be significant when we meet to discuss the applications, or in the instance that an entrant requests feedback on their application.

If you have any questions, at any point in time, please do not hesitate to contact me directly for clarification or assistance:
(703) 622-9516

Monitoring Center of the Year – Enterprise

AvantGuard Monitoring – ENT_AG
COPS Monitoring – ENT_COPS+

COPS Monitoring Video Links

CPI Security – ENT_CPI
Dynamark Monitoring, Inc. – Dynamark Monitoring
Rapid Response Monitoring – ENT_RRM

STANLEY Security TMA Excellence 2021 Supplementals

Vivint – ENT_Vivint

Monitoring Center of the Year – SMB

Amherst Alarms – SMB_Amherst+

Amherst_2021Disaster Recovery Plan

Elite Interactive Solutions – SMB_Elite+


Protection Bureau – SMB_Protection


Retail Business Services – SMB_RBS
RBS Central Stations Design Document

Universal Atlantic Systems – SMB_UAS+

Wayne Alarm Systems – SMB_Wayne

Monitoring Center Manager of the Year

Affiliated Monitoring – Co_Affiliated Robbert Sutton – MGR_Sutton
Alarm Systems – Alarm Systems Shelly G. McQuigge – MGR_McQuigge+

AvantGuard Monitoring – Co_AG Nicholas Barrus – MGR_Barrus+

CPI Security – Co_CPI Curtis Robertson – MGR_Robertson
EPS – Co_EPS Josh Sanders – MGR_Sanders
General Monitoring Systems – Co_General Monitoring Jessica Lambert – MGR_Lambert
Habitec Security – Co_Habitec Co_UCC Tracy Ehrsam – NGR_Ehrsam
Rapid Response Monitoring – Co_RRM Jonathan Rainbow – MGR_Rainbow
Securitas – Requested, Outstanding (3/23)


Sonitrol Security – Co_Kimberlite

Karla Penny – MGR_Penny


Laura Reyes – MGR_Reyes

Monitoring Center Operator of the Year

Affiliated Monitoring – Co_Affiliated Diandra Dean – Op_Dean
AvantGuard Monitoring – Co_AG McKaela Mikos – Op_Mikos+

CPI Security – Co_CPI Jonathan Spruill – Op_Spruill
Kimberlite (No JRR) – Co_Kimberlite Crystal Serapio – Op_Serapio
Protection Bureau – Co_Protection Bureau Bonnie Pongue – Op_Pongue
UCC – Co_UCC Laurell Parks – Op_Parks

UCC Laurell Parks TMA Operator of the Year Submission

Universal Atlantic Systems – Co_UAS Latisha Jenkins – Op_Jenkins

Monitoring Center Support Person of the Year

AvantGuard Monitoring – Co_AG Nick Salmond – SU_Salmond+

Affiliated Monitoring – Co_Affiliated Deepak Bysani – SU_Bysani
Rapid Response Monitoring – Co_RRM Michelle Quattrini – SU_Quattrini
DMC Security – Requested, Outstanding (3/23) Sharon Taala – SU_Taala
Universal Atlantic Systems – Co_UAS Tom Haslett – SU_Haslett
General Monitoring Services – Co_General Monitoring Sarah DeLuca – SU_DeLuca