Fast Action Needed: NFPA-72

Fast Action Needed: Tell NFPA You Support TMA’s Appeal of NFPA-72 Vote

The NFPA-72 effort is not over! I’m writing to you because of your recent participation in our NFPA-72 initiative. On August 14, TMA will present an official appeal to the NFPA Standards Council of the recent Technical Committee vote that did not ratify the June 14th Technical Meeting floor vote in Las Vegas.

Click here to read the official appeal submitted by TMA Standards Chair Rick Simpson of Vector Security. Rick, NetOne’s Glenn Schroeder, Bay Alarm’s Shane Clary, and I will appeal in-person to the NFPA Standards Council at their meeting on August 14.

We need to show the Standards Council our industry’s unwavering support for the floor vote. We ask all TMA members who are NFPA members and were in Las Vegas to write to the NFPA Standards Council in support of this appeal.

Time is of the essence! Your letter must be received by close of business on August 13. Please compose and send a letter to:

Ms. Dawn Michele Bellis
Secretary, Standards Council
National Fire Protection Association
1 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02169-7471

Ref: Council Agenda Item 18-8-3-e-1

For this effort to have maximum impact, letters should be in the sender’s own words, not form letters. For that reason we are not including sample language here. You can highlight or reinforce any section of the appeal that you choose. Here are some suggested topics you could elaborate on:

  • The subject language ignores the long-standing minimum code language philosophy.
  • Disregarding NRTL testing is unprecedented.
  • UL-listed central stations significantly exceed remote station requirements.
  • That every successful CAM (Certified Amending Motion) from the Technical Meeting failed to be ratified by the Technical Committee calls the fairness of the entire process into question.
  • That no central station company is a primary member on the committee that is charged with the portion of the standard that deals with central stations is remarkable.
  • AHJs are not using this language to single out central stations that are allegedly not performing. That is not factual. They are using it to deny an entire class of NRTL-listed service providers.

Pick a topic or two that you believe in and send your letter this week! More than one letter can come from a company — if you have more than one NFPA member at your company, please have each member send a letter. And make sure to note if you were present at the Technical Meeting!

TMA staff is available to review or assist you with your letter. Contact Celia Besore at or at 703-242-4670 x18.

We have one last chance to change the language in NFPA-72 that is harmful to our industry’s ability to provide the security service our customers depend on. Please write your letter immediately, and send a copy to Celia at the email address above so that we can track our Association’s action prior to the August 14th appeal.

Thank you again for your participation and support.

Ivan Spector
President, The Monitoring Association
8150 Leesburg Pike, Suite 700, Vienna, VA 22182