Operator Online Level 1

TMA Operator Level 1 Online Training Course

A Message for Central Station and Monitoring Center Training Managers

TMA has exciting news for monitoring center training managers and administrators! On November 10, 2017, we released our all-new “TMA Online Operator Level 1” training course for monitoring center operators, created to address the challenges of 21st century monitoring.

This new course was produced by TMA volunteers and staff with vast experience in the industry and in training, and it has been reviewed extensively by our industry vetting partners. We expect it to quickly be recognized as the gold standard in monitoring center operator training.

The new Level 1 course is a manageable introduction to the industry through an absorbing, inspiring e-learning experience. It features current best practices for online learning including:

  • Micro-learning
  • Narration
  • Audio and visual examples for those with differing learning styles

Modules reflect the most current technology capabilities and customer service practices in today’s most effective monitoring centers. The modules are:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to the Monitoring Industry
  • Module 2 – Technology
  • Module 3 – Effective Communication
  • Module 4 – The Monitoring Process
  • Module 5 – False Alarm Prevention
  • Module 6 – Industry Readiness and Monitoring Center Security
  • Module 7 – Monitoring Center Operator Code of Excellence

The states of North Carolina, Oregon and Tennessee have accredited the TMA course for state licensing.  Check back soon for accreditation status in the state of Virginia.

Ready to Purchase?

Access the training at www.tmatraining.org. Users who have the legacy “CSAA Level 1” training in their transcript may upgrade to the new course version at no cost as long as the final exam has not been taken. Contact technical support at support@csaaalarmtraining.com or 502-254-1506 (8am-8pm ET Monday through Friday) if you wish to have this upgrade.

We are certain you will find that the new TMA Level 1 course is an excellent overview of, and introduction to, the industry and will be of tremendous value to your monitoring center’s training program. If you have any general questions, please contact education@tma.us. We look forward to hearing your feedback!


The price of one course is $200 for non-members. TMA members receive the following discounted prices:

  • 1 – 4: $139 (30% discount)
  • 5 – 9: $129 (35%)
  • 10+:  $119 (40%)

Special Retake Rate

Those who have already completed the CSAA Level 1 course may register for the new TMA 2017 course for $99.

Training Manager Account

For companies who regularly purchase courses from TMA, you have the option to set up a training manager account to purchase in bulk and manage your course licenses.  Please contact Technical Support at 502-254-1506 for assistance and download these instructions.