Operator Online Level 2

TMA Operator Online Level 2 Training Course:
Relevant – Cost Effective – Time Efficient

How to Access the Course

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The TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course is an appropriate next step training for anyone who has completed and passed Level 1. It is also of great benefit to any related monitoring personnel that have experience in that discipline. When life-safety and property are at risk, accountability is very important. This course will help operators understand why their role is so important, how they can contribute, and why processes and procedures are in place. With technology as a powerful driver, operators will also experience a review of how advancements have impacted monitoring capabilities through faster telecommunications, better video and audio quality, PERS devices and the impact of artificial intelligence.

Why take Level 2?
The TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course builds on Level 1. (For new hire orientation, we recommend that all students complete Level 1 before taking Level 2, regardless of their industry experience level).

This ongoing education will create a common language and improve levels of understanding and professionalism within your organization. Your staff will be consistently trained, allowing them to contribute in a professional manner. The course provides flexibility for students based on their learning needs and styles. You may choose to complete a module at a time as you cover your internal procedures on that topic. A second option is to present the course in its entirety. If administered in this fashion it will take approximately 6 hours depending on the comprehension level of the student. Students have access to the course for up to one year, so it is not necessary to work the entire course in one sitting. The course can be taken at any time, whether at work, break or home. A student can start the course and exit the program at their convenience. Upon re-entering the course, they are automatically book marked. Access is open for one year from initiation allowing students to go back and review content at any time as an easily accessi

ble resource to refresh knowledge.

How does it differ from Level 1?

The training information included in Level 2 is geared to more experienced operators who are looking for more in-depth information about how they can impact the success of their monitoring center environment. In addition to practical skills development with advanced call handling and cybersecurity awareness, operators are challenged with understanding the responsibilities associated with leadership and conflict resolution.

There are six new modules in the course:

  • Module 1: Leadership Skills in the Monitoring Center –TMA is committed to promote and maintain the highest standards of professional and personal behavior in the monitoring center. This is an introduction to important leadership attributes and core values that will help you develop the mindset of an effective leader and show you how your contributions are fundamental to success within the professional monitoring industry.
  • Module 2: Conflict Resolution Using Effective Team Communications –Conflict in the work environment is common. Just as in families, people who work together and spend a lot of time together will experience conflict. As a leader, and a member of a team, understanding how to manage yourself and your team during times of conflict will improve how you communicate with each other to resolve your differences and maximize your performance. This module provides you with tools to identify the five main styles of conflicts. By understanding your conflict preferences, or default styles, you will gain a better understanding of constructive ways to resolve conflict and improve the health and productivity of a team.
  • Module 3: Strategies for Advanced Call Handling in the Monitoring Center –Customer Care is a fundamental component of the monitoring center and an important aspect of every operator’s role when handling a call. Often our communication will extend beyond the basic operator interaction into a more involved dialogue that requires advanced skills and attention. This module will provide strategies to prepare you for advanced call handling. Our primary concern is always the safety and protection of our customer’s lives and property. Your professionalism and dedication to handling each call is critical when lives and property are at stake.
  • Module 4: Industry Standards: The Fundamental Building Blocks of Professional Monitoring –Standards are an important tool in the professional monitoring industry to help achieve efficiency, cost savings and consistency of products and services. Compliance to standards ensure product functionality and compatibility for products and services that support public safety. Established protocols for how we implement technology and cybersecurity help ensure a level of reliability throughout the alarm monitoring business. The information contained in this module will expand your knowledge about your role in the compliance process and why understanding and tracking industry standards is so important.
  • Module 5: Telecommunications and Enhanced Technology –Across our industry, advancements in technology are being made at a staggering rate. New technologies are enhancing or replacing the technology used by older devices. This module will review how technology enhancements have improved telecommunications, video, audio and PERS monitoring solutions. Because life safety and protection of property are essential to the role of professional monitoring, the industry closely tracks emerging technologies that will improve the accuracy and efficiency of monitoring systems that protect homes and businesses.
  • Module 6: Cybersecurity in the Monitoring Center –Every person in the monitoring center is key to reducing your risk of cybercrime. Your vigilance can make a difference and your cooperation is essential. This module will help you understand how you can minimize the risk of an attack on your monitoring center by understanding more about cybersecurity threats, how common attacks work, when and where you are vulnerable to attacks, and what you can do to defend your organization. Cybersecurity is not just an IT responsibility–it is everyone’s responsibility.

This course also counts towards all requirements for the TMA Five Diamond Monitoring Center program.


The TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course is $200/operator, TMA membership discount (30%), and bulk purchase discount structure (up to 40%).

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  • Cost/Bulk Discount: The cost is $200/operator. As a TMA member, you receive a 30% discount off any purchase of 1-4 licenses. Member price in this category is $139/operator.
  • If you purchase 5-9 classes in bulk (see below for form to submit), your total discount will be 35% discount per operator. Your price will be $129/operator.
  • For 10 students and over, the total discount will be 40% (see below for form to submit). Your price will be $119/operator.
  • FOR NON-TMA MEMBERS: The price per student is $200.  

Course Access/Bulk Purchases/Purchase Orders/Refunds

  • Course Access: One year; this way, the course serves as a resource for students to go back and review after initially completing the course. Licenses can NOT be extended beyond that time.
  • For bulk orders, please contact The CMOOR Group’s purchasing administrator to set up an account at 502-254-1506 , or Support@TMATraining.org
  • The licenses can be purchased in bulk without knowing the student names. The licenses will then sit in queue indefinitely until such a time as they are assigned to an individual.
  • There are no refunds. However, as long as the employee has not completed all the modules and taken the certification exam within 30 days of student registration, the course is fully transferable to a new student. You must contact The CMOOR Group via e-mail at Support@TMATraining.org within 30 days of the need to change. User license transfers may be made one time only.


Testing Q&A

Q: How does management access the tests and scores and how long can they do so?  Can they print them for employee files?
A: Results information for the course scores and test results are available in various ways to the student and the manager.  Course scores are available from the Navigation menu via a Knowledge Checkpoints report and provide great detail on every question the student answered throughout the course.  This provides information on where students may need to concentrate more effort should they perform poorly on the test.  Test results are stored on the Transcript and is limited to a “pass” or “not pass” indication along with a final score for the test.  At the end of the test, the student is provided a report with complete test results, but this is not available if closed by the student.  To maintain this information for future reference, the student will need to copy and paste the contents of this report into a Word document for saving or printing.

Q: I forgot to print my test results, what do I do now?
A: The report at the end of the test is currently not held for review once it is closed. To view your needed areas of improvement throughout the course, bring up the Knowledge Checkpoints report from within the course.

Q: Can I go back and review questions and sections of the course before taking the final exam?
A: The entire course, including all Knowledge Checkpoints, can be taken as often as the student likes during the access period.  Easy navigation means you can jump to any part of the course from a menu option.  When ready, you can easily start the test. Students will have three attempts to successfully pass the exam. If you are locked out, you must obtain manager approval to have the exam unlocked for another three attempts. Your manager should contact Support@TMATraining.org to reset the exam.

Certification Q&A

Q: How do I get the certificate?
A: Upon successful completion of the course, the system will generate a personalized Certificate of Satisfactory Completion. This will designate the student as a TMA Certified Monitoring Center Operator Level 2.

Q: Is my certificate transferable between Monitoring Center companies?
A: The TMA certificate is issued to the individual and as such can be accepted by any company that uses our training.

Q: What is considered a passing score?
A student must achieve 85% or higher to pass the course.

Q: We haven’t been printing our certificates. Can we print them later?
If a student has passed the course, they will have a reprint certificate link on the home page of the course. You will need to login as that student and launch the course. When prompted to return to the last page you were on, click CANCEL. This will take you automatically to the first page of the course where the reprint link will appear in the upper right corner.

If you have any difficulty with this process or have further questions, please contact technical support at 502-254-1506 or Support@TMATraining.org between 8am and 8pm EST Mon-Fri.

Additional Q&A

Q: Are Level 2 modules available for individual purchase?
Not at this time.

Q: How can my company obtain the TMA Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation?
A: Once all of the operators within your organization have completed the TMA Monitoring Center Operator Level 1 or the TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course, the monitoring center can apply for the Five Diamond Central Station designation. Click here for more information.

Q: Can you tailor the TMA Operator Level 2 Online Training Course for me?
A: No. These programs are intrinsically rooted in best practices, ANSI standards and field-tested operating procedures. Any variations are best addressed as an addendum in a hard copy before or after the MCO course. In most areas, the course clearly refers to the potential for special instruction as needed.

Q: Can I take the course and teach the course to my staff? Why not?
A: No. The benefits of these programs are:

  • Cost efficiency (you can’t teach a person any more cost effectively)
  • Consistency of learning (specific modular content where all elements are covered comprehensively)
  • Conformance (by randomly generated multiple quizzes, as well as a comprehensive exam)
  • Time savings (students can take the course at their leisure or at pre-specified time blocks. No need for make up in case of absence)
  • Certification by TMA

In most instances, a student would most likely not have the structured nationally-recognized education that the Monitoring Center Operator Online Training Levels 1 and 2 provide.

With these series you get stat-of-the-art, relevant, cost effective training, that virtually has become the gold standard. In-house education can then be more effectively focused on the particular needs and specialties you may have.

Q: How do I know my staff will understand the content?
Training modules in the TMA Online Level 2 series have “monitor my progress” quizzes, “Monitoring Moments” and “Did You Know?” features that provide real-time feedback and real-world relevant information. The methods provide reinforcement in the core subject matter. Upon successfully completing all the modules, the student is then allowed to take a final comprehensive exam consisting of approximately 40 randomly generated questions from a comprehensive Q & A pool.

A passing grade of 85% is required. Upon successfully passing of the exam, the student is automatically provided with a completion certificate. A fully-embossed copy is available upon request for a minimal charge of $5.00.

Q: I took the course and tried to pass the final exam several times but failed. What is my appeal?
A: The randomly generated multiple quizzes, as well as the final comprehensive exam, are regularly reviewed and updated. Exams may be reviewed by the TMA certification education body for specific content and type of questioning. Students will have three attempts to successfully pass the exam. If you are locked out, you must obtain manager approval to have the exam unlocked for another three attempts. Your manager should contact Support@TMATraining.org to reset the exam.