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TMA educational webinars are attended by security professionals at every level, not only in North America but worldwide. Webinars provide up-to-the minute information vital to the dynamic alarm industry. Topics span the range from marketing to personnel to industry trends to legislative and regulatory changes.

Webinar Registration

TMA is supporting the upcoming Alarm Certificate Services’ webinar series offered by UL, LLC.  Join UL for a complementary webinar series and earn CEUs while UL’s technical experts offer an in-depth look at code-based solutions, for code authorities and alarm service companies, to improve the ongoing compliance of fire alarm systems. Each session is going to be recorded, though to earn CEUs, you must attend during the live event.  Click on the link below for session descriptions:

UL’s Fire Alarm Certificate Program Webinar Series: Solutions to Improve Ongoing Compliance of Fire Alarm Systems

Webinar 1: Overview of UL’s Fire Alarm Certification Program
February 20, 2019 – 12:00 PM CST

Webinar 2: Understanding Approved Supervising Station System Types
March 20, 2019 – 12:00 PM CST

Webinar 3: Applying the Code to Supervising Station Systems
April 17, 2019 – 12:00 PM CST

Webinar 4: Tying it All Together: Using the Code to Require a Fire Alarm Certification Program
May 15, 2019 – 12:00 PM CST

To learn more about UL’s Alarm Certificate Services Program, visit their website at

Webinars are provided to TMA members at no cost.   Registration is subject to verification and approval.  Don’t see your topic?  Please let us know.  Send all questions and feedback to

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Coming Soon!

Please keep an eye on this page for dates for the following Webinar Topics currently in coordination.

Liability Clauses, Deconstructed: The Latest Legal Trends in Contract Management
Liability disclaimers have become so common, you’ll see them on a cup of coffee at your favorite fast food restaurant! This is a “hot” topic and a great opportunity for your monitoring center to hear the latest trends in managing the legal aspects of your monitoring contracts. Some of our members refer their customers to TMA’s published whitepaper explaining the liability disclaimer. Learn more about how to use this resource by joining Eric Pritchard for a 60-minute overview and Q&A session which will include trending liability issues in the monitoring industry.

Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC): Activity Update

Best Practices in Signal Notification: How to Use Automation to Reduce Labor Costs

Cyber Security Webinar Series:
1. Cyber Security Best Practices
(Secure Passwords | Malware | Privacy)
2. Data Breaches
(Penetration Testing | Company Response)
3. Computer Safety
(Patches & Updates | Device Control | Spoofing | Social Engineering)
4. Security Review
(Mobile Protection | Embedded Systems | Online Scams)

UL 827 UpdateDate pending finalization of standard update (Section 17). Session will cover how the new standard will affect their monitoring centers.  Timing will be in early 2019.

TMA Past Webinars

Interested in a recorded archive of a webinar?  Please visit our Members Only page to download recordings.  You will be required to log in to download.

  • Using AI to Ignore Nuisance False Positive Alerts | August 2018
  • Alarm Industry Operating Metrics – Best In Class | March 2018
  • Practical Uses of Analytics for Managing Your Business | Jun 2017
  • Expanding Central Station Functions beyond Alarm Monitoring | May 2017
  • Next Generation Firewalls | Feb 2017
  • SD-WAN: What is it? And how can I use it to run a more efficient network? | Jan 2017 [NOTE: During the last 2 minutes there was a glitch with audio. No content is missing.]
  • Cyber Security is a Business Risk (Not Just an IT Risk) | Nov 2016
  • Employment Issues in your Central Station | Nov 2015
  • Getting a Cyber Security Plan for your Central Station | July 2015
  • Cyber Security Plan – The Nuts and Bolts of Getting Started | August 2015