TMA Committees, Councils, Communities

TMA Committees, Councils, and Communities

  • Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC)
  • Alarm Industry Communications Committee Political Action Committee (AICC-PAC)
  • Associate Members’ Liaison Committee
  • Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) Program Committee
  • Bylaws Committee
  • Compliance Community
  • Contract Monitoring Council
  • Education Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Five Diamond Committee
  • Government Relations Committee
  • Insurance Liaison Committee
  • Legal Affairs Committee
  • Marketing and Communications Committee
  • Membership Development and Retention Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Proprietary Council
  • Public Sector Liaison Committee
  • Standards Committee
  • Technology Committee
  • Surveillance and Video Verification Committee

Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC)
Chair: Louis Fiore
Meets: Quarterly, days and times vary

The AICC is composed of representatives of TMA, SIA, ESA and major alarm companies and manufacturers. The committee:

  • Provides coordination in a variety of areas between the alarm industry the FCC, other regulatory agencies, and members of Congress, when needed.
  • Monitors developments at the federal level affecting the ability of the alarm industry to use telecommunications technology in providing protection services to the public.
  • Retains an attorney in Washington, D.C. to represent the industry on issues and to file briefs with the federal courts and federal agencies on behalf of the industry.
  • Retains a lobbyist who works with members of Congress to attain legislation favorable to the alarm industry.

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Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Leigh McGuire

AICC Political Action Committee (AICC-PAC)
Meets: As-needed

The AICC-PAC aims to involve association members in the legislative process on issues of concern to the alarm industry.

  • This includes identifying legislators favorable to its interests or to those who need more information.
  • The AICC-PAC coordinates fundraising and distribution activities to increase support of its legislative interests.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Madeline McMahon

Associate Members’ Liaison Committee
Chairs: Mark Hillenburg, Larry Folsom
Meets: Bi-monthly, 1st Tuesday, 12:00am – 1:00pm ET

This committee represents suppliers and Associate Members on the TMA Board of Directors. It advises the TMA Board of Directors of the needs and concerns of Associate Members, and it provides input to the Membership, Technology, and Education committees in areas of Associate Member services, recruitment of new Members, and Associate Member retention.

Staff Liaison: Illeny Maaza

Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP) Steering Committee
Co-Chairs: Morgan Hertel and Don Young
Meets: Monthly, 4th Wednesday of the month, 10:00am – 11:00am ET

The ASAP Program committee represents the ASAP to PSAP program for cad-to-cad communications between the monitoring centers and the correct responding PSAPS.  It oversees the budget, communications, outreach and implementation of the program, and acts as the TMA representative for the corresponding Related Organizations for fluid evolvement and mission correctness.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Bryan Ginn

Bylaws Committee
Chair: Ed Bonifas
Co-Chair: Chet Donati
Meets: As-needed

This committee promotes member understanding of the bylaws and receives recommendations from the membership with regard to additions, deletions and/or modifications to the TMA Bylaws. It arranges the changes in the proper format, disseminating any suggested changes for comment, and conducts votes on any such changes at regularly scheduled meetings, as needed.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Leigh McGuire

Compliance Community
Co-Leaders: Kate Fisher, Rick Sheets
Meets: Quarterly, 3rd Wednesday of the month, 3:00pm – 4:00pm ET or As-needed

This interest group is for members that deal with licensing, permitting, and regulations management. The intent is to provide a forum for discussion around issues related to compliance, as well as to establish a community of like-minded people that can help each other.

Leading the group are Kate Fisher, President of Compliance Management Solutions, LLC and Rick Sheets, TMA Board Member and the Chair of the TMA Government Relations Committee.

In addition to Compliance Community meetings, TMA has a member-only resource, the State Licensing Wiki, to assist in managing licensing compliance.

Staff Liaisons: Illeny Maaza, Celia Besore

Contract Monitoring Council
Co-Chairs:  Justin Bailey, Mark McCall
Meets: As-needed

The TMA Contract Monitoring Council examines and helps to address the evolving needs of its members by providing coordinated representation with industry-related associations, manufacturers, regulatory agencies and other organizations in order to consistently improve and enhance the services provided to the customers of contract monitoring centers.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Illeny Maaza

Education Committee
Co-Chairs: John Brady, Brandon Niles
Meets: As-needed

This committee advises the TMA Board on the strategic direction of education programs. It oversees the educational programming offered by TMA, including seminars at meetings, online courses and webinars. Further, it oversees the maintenance of the informational wikis. The committee works closely with TMA’s Legal Affairs, Technology, Surveillance and Video Verification, Five Diamond, and Membership Committees to ensure alignment with educational goals of the association.

Staff Liaisons: Julie Webber, Celia Besore

Ethics Committee
Co-Chairs: TMA Officers
Meets: As-needed

The Ethics Committee convenes at the call of the TMA President or any officer of the Association. It recommends policy changes to the Board of Directors with regard to member company conduct, and may hold meetings to determine if a member has violated the ethical standards of the Association as specified in Article XIV of its Bylaws.

The committee also may recommend to the Board specific actions with regard to the violation of such ethics.

Staff Liaison: Celia Besore

Five Diamond Committee
Chair: Ralph Sevinor
Meets: As-needed

This committee is responsible for creating the criteria for the TMA Five Diamond Certificate programs, supervising the rules of its use, and generally overseeing the administration of the program legally, programmatically and financially. It also enforces of the use of the logo and name.

Staff Liaison: Illeny Maaza

Insurance Liaison Committee
Meets: As-needed

This committee advises the TMA Board on insurance industry issues that affect the central station alarm industry. It may conduct surveys and/or produce information on the central station alarm industry for the insurance industry to effect changes that benefit member companies and industry customers.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Leigh McGuire

Legal Affairs Committee
Chair: Ben Dickens and Les Gold
Meets: As-needed

This committee advises the TMA Board and coordinates activities on legal matters, such as REIT contracts, related insurance indemnification and “keeping it legal” programs. It also conducts research on, and oversees the development of, documents on alarm industry case law, and educational programs.

It does not address topics within the jurisdiction of the AICC, such as federal legislative and judicial issues and FCC matters.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Julie Webber

Marketing and Communications Committee
Co-Chairs: Ron Rothman, Peggy Page
Meets: Monthly, 4th Monday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

The Marketing and Communications Committee creates, coordinates and disseminates targeted information to the industry and general public to advance TMA’s goals and strengthen its brand.

Staff Liaisons: Leigh McGuire, Illeny Maaza

Membership Development and Retention Committee
Co-Chairs: Shannon Woodman, Alan Gillmore IV
Meets: Monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 12-1pm ET

This committee advises the TMA Board on, and actively participates in, person-to-person membership development strategies.

The committee reaches out to lapsed members, makes recommendations on the TMA dues structure and membership categories, and oversees the approval of new member applicants.

The committee also include the NextGen Subcommittee, and aids in investigating subcommittee development, such as the Contract Monitoring Council, the Proprietary Council, and many others. This committee works closely with the Education Committee.

Staff Liaisons: Illeny Maaza

Nominating Committee
Co-Chairs: Ivan Spector, Don Young
Meets: As-needed

This committee composed of the current President and the three most recent past presidents of the Association, and who currently represent Voting member companies, seeks, evaluates and nominates qualified candidates for TMA leadership in accord with and as specified in the bylaws.

Staff Liaison: Celia Besore

Proprietary Council
Co-Chairs: Dan Jackman, Michele Levcik
Meets: Monthly, 4th Thursday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm ET

The purpose of the Proprietary Council is to address issues unique to proprietary central stations, and to participate in discussions on issues of standards and codes where it affects their unique concerns. In addition, the Council has an interest in furthering federal activities in the area of licensing and recognition of such, and working with the monitoring industry to resolve false alarm issues.

Staff Liaisons: Illeny Maaza

Public Sector Liaison Committee
Chairs: Shane Clary (fire), Joey Rao-Russell (law enforcement)

This committee advises the TMA Board on strategies and activities to be used in working with public sector organizations, such as the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the National Sheriffs’ Association, the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials and others, at the direction of the TMA President and Board of Directors in order to forward the views and goals of the monitoring industry.

Staff Liaisons: Celia Besore, Leigh McGuire

Standards Committee
Chair: Rick Simpson
Meets: Monthly, 3rd Thursday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm ET

This committee promotes and produces standards to help guide alarm companies in operating their monitoring centers within ANSI guidelines. Requests for new standards or for revisions of existing standards may come from member organizations, individuals or non-members. The committee reviews requests and acts upon them based upon time availability of committee members, and in adherence to formal and published procedures.

Staff Liaisons: Bryan Ginn, Celia Besore

Technology Committee
Co-Chairs: Sascha Kylau, Steve Butkovich
Meets: As-needed

The mission of the TMA Technology Committee is to provide technology-focused education to TMA members that will help them improve and advance their businesses, increasing the value of TMA membership.  This mission will be met through the following objectives:

  • Identify technology issues of most interest and importance to TMA members
  • Propose, review, approve and present educational opportunities to TMA members (in particular, at ESX and “Fall Ops” and via webinars)
  • Act as a conduit through which Associate members can be a more easily-accessed resource for regular members
  • Works closely with the Education Committee.

Staff Liaisons: Julie Webber, Leigh McGuire

Surveillance and Video Verification Committee
Co-Chairs: Steve Walker, Rob Baxter
Meets: Monthly, 3rd Wednesday, 4:30pm ET

The standing Video Committee will provide oversight to two newly formed subcommittees—the Managed Services Subcommittee and the Enhanced Video Verification Subcommittee. It also will provide direction and coordination between the Electronic Security Association, the Security Industry Association, the Security Industry Alarm Coalition and TMA’s Standards and PSLC committees.

Staff Liaisons: Julie Webber, Illeny Maaza

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