A firm, corporation, or division of a corporation, which operates a monitoring center that has not been approved by an Association-approved NRTL, for which participation in the monitoring, and response to burglar and fire and/or other related alarms constitutes a significant portion of its business. It also includes monitoring services that are primarily outside of traditional fire and security, such as managed services for video and access control, video monitoring, virtual guards, CCTV, PERS, GPS, geo-location services, monitoring of industrial processes and others.

Secure Source International, LLC

Secure Source International was founded in 2005 on the principle that security needs to be personal, honest, and individually applicable. For over a decade we have given our clients peace of mind, allowing them to better focus on their business. Our multi-faceted approach has allowed us to rise above our competitors by offering a one-stop shop for all of your security needs. By manufacturing our own camera systems, and relying on our own central command center for the monitoring and response of our systems, we are able to ensure the level of quality our clients deserve.

Our success is a result of our drive to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology as well as our ability to establish strong relationships with each client and local authorities. We make it a priority to communicate openly and effectively to establish a foundation based on trust and proven competency. We understand that every site is unique, which is why we sit down with each client individually to construct the perfect system for their needs. Our objective is two-fold: to secure your assets, and to save you thousands of dollars over our competitors and other means of security. Our comprehensive options include hard-powered surveillance systems, solar-powered surveillance systems, virtual fencing, motion video sensors, alarm and light deterrents, and on-site security guards through our security guard partners.

Because of our commitment to quality, attention to detail, premier customer service, and our company values, our business has expanded throughout the western United States and continues to grow. We want to be your security partner, and greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

Eyeforce Inc.

Eyeforce Inc. is a 100% U.S based, wholesale remote guarding station that allows for its dealers to offer high end video monitoring and access control services. Eyeforce has been providing remote guard services since 1998, and is unique in that remote guarding is all that we do.

As a nationwide remote guarding company we offer a variety of monitoring services and specialize in the surveillance of critical areas. Our remote video monitoring capabilities excel where traditional central monitoring stations fail. This is made possible by our full range of products and services that utilize the latest technology innovations in the remote guarding space.

The Eyeforce command center is equipped with the very best technology and people to provide the most proactive video monitoring service on the market.

EyeQ Monitoring, LLC

Established in 2007, EyeQ Monitoring is one of the largest and most experienced focused-providers of live video monitoring in the United States. Our solutions not only keep businesses and people safe, but also deliver timely actionable intelligence that drives value in the areas of loss prevention, customer experience, and inventory & process management. Last year alone, we issued over 3,000 police reports and saved clients $20,000,000 in potential losses.

Previously National Video Monitoring Co. (NVMC Solutions), EyeQ was acquired in May 2015 by Lighthouse Equity Partners, a security-focused, operator-led investment group, in order to fund growth. The new management team and board of directors has well over 300 years of collective experience buying and building security alarm and technology companies and is passionate about protecting people and their assets.

EyeQ’s core monitoring services are delivered by our Security Operations Center, based at our headquarters in Atlanta, GA. Unlike many of our competitors, we avoid simply throwing people at the problem of video surveillance. We distinguish ourselves by using only the latest and most reliable in surveillance and asset tracking technology. Each surveillance device we deploy is connected to our cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions that minimize false alarms and predict when a connected device will experience downtime. The end result is a suite of solutions that proactively and reliably work for you, at a fraction of the cost of traditional onsite guards and our competition.

SMART Security Pros, LLC dba Mobile Video Guard

Founded in 2016, Mobile Video Guard provides its customers with it’s proprietary video surveillance units that are installed on site and then monitored live for motion alerts after hours. Our primary customer focus is construction general contractors and developers.

Swissguard USA LLC

Swissguard is an established international security service provider with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Swissguard first launched its monitoring service in Europe in 2016. Currently, Swissguard operates in 7 countries: England, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, and Italy. Most recently, Swissguard launched in the United States with the Miami, Florida-based Swissguard USA LLC. As opposed to traditional active monitoring solutions, Swissguard boasts 24/7 viewing by trained guards, w/ 32 screens (max per officer). Between AI, motion sensing, and active viewing (cameras ALWAYS on screen), Swissguard offers truly proactive, redundant solutions to end users.

Titan Monitoring

Titan Monitoring is owned and operated by Ryan Smith, a former police officer with more than 20 years of law enforcement and security experience.

Blackline Safety

Blackline Safety is a global connected safety technology leader. Providing comprehensive live monitoring and wireless gas detection, we help teams working in hazardous environments respond to emergencies in real-time and manage efficient evacuations, accounting for everyone’s safety along the way. We deliver the world’s first turn-key, work-anywhere connected safety monitoring solution with gas detection, 3G wireless, two-way speakerphone and live monitoring to meet the demanding safety challenges of organizations in over 200 countries.

Guardian Security Systems, Inc.

As a family owned and operated company since 1974, Guardian is proud to be Alaska’s only full service security company.

HVAC Concepts

HVAC Concepts is in the business of creating today’s smart building systems using the best of intelligent equipment and devices that will work and perform optimally today and well into the future. Their optimization capabilities have led their customers to realize significantly greater operational and energy management efficiencies, increased reliability, and increased system longevity. HVAC Concepts, an end-to-end Building Automation Systems (BAS), Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Systems Integrator of choice, meets the growing demand for the Building Internet of Things (IoT), working inside some of the most data security-sensitive facilities in the world for both government and private sector customers.

Ring Protect Inc

Protect your everyday.

Get even more out of all your devices with Ring Protect, a comprehensive subscription service that lets you review, share, and save every video and photo captured by your Ring device and opt-in to 24/7 professional monitoring.