Joined TMA in 2021

Dealer Security Inc.

Dealer Security, headquartered in Canada, has been a trusted and innovative force in live video surveillance since 2016. With a specialized focus on automotive dealerships, they provide uniquely tailored security solutions that resonate with car dealers across the nation.

Utilizing advanced video analytics, Dealer Security is proficient in detecting intruders on properties. Their responsive approach includes immediate live talk-down procedures or police dispatch, ensuring that security concerns are addressed with urgency and precision.

Their partnership with the esteemed IT company A&R Solutions allows Dealer Security to blend cutting-edge technology with an in-depth understanding of the automotive industry’s specific needs. This combination guarantees personalized, top-tier protection that truly sets them apart in the market.

Dealer Security’s commitment to excellence transcends mere surveillance; they provide peace of mind, allowing car dealers to focus on their core business with confidence. The integrity and quality that define their services have made them a preferred and reliable security partner among automotive professionals in Canada.

EyeOn Plus Monitoring Services

Founded in 2020, we are a rapidly growing monitoring station that was born out of necessity. Necessity to provide a higher level of service to our customers and to our sister company Eyesite Surveillance. Our mission, since day one, has been to provide premium level video alarm based protection for the construction market.

Our world-class construction site security monitoring station and video surveillance team is comprised of veterans and former law enforcement personnel, including former members of all 4 branches of the military, resulting in one of the most dedicated, professional, and well-trained operations centers in the video monitoring industry.

With construction site security by the top professionals in the industry, you can ensure a safe working environment for your crew, keep your projects on time, and your profits aren’t cut due to continuous loss.

Stealth Monitoring

Stealth Monitoring, a privately held company with U.S. headquarters in Dallas, TX, and Canadian headquarters in Toronto, ON, is North America’s leading provider of live video monitoring solutions. We specialize in proactive and intelligent video monitoring technology that can significantly improve threat detection and police response. Our security solutions feature advanced technology, coupled with human intelligence and efficient processes, to help detect and deter crime while reducing security guard and other expenses. We have over 1500 employees, 40 offices, and 5 redundant live video monitoring control centers. Our team proactively monitors 50,000+ cameras daily, resulting in more than 35,000 deterred crimes, 800+ arrests and 55,000+ analyzed customer videos every year, securing peace of mind for business owners throughout North America.

Our clients include construction sites, shopping centers, apartment buildings, auto dealers, office buildings, industrial facilities, distribution yards, cannabis operations, and other businesses with outdoor assets.

Cen-Signal UL Automated Central Station

Founded in 1965 by Blanford H. Davenport, Cen-Signal UL Automated Central Station continues to set the bar for wholesale monitoring in service and technology.

Nestled in the heart of Columbus, Georgia is where we were formed and still reside today. Although our company has evolved over the years into the nationwide monitoring facility that it is today, we still hold true to the same customer service values that brought us here.

The original founding family owns and operates Cen-Signal UL Automated Central Station today with a steadfast resolution to continue to offer exceptional monitoring at a fair price.

Viiz Communications Inc.

Why Viiz?

The Story Behind the Name

We chose the name Viiz because it represents what technology, backed by human support, can bring to the moments that matter to our clients and their customers.

V represents VISION, the ability to assess our clients’ network communication challenges and develop creative, technically-advanced solutions. We strive to address the need at hand, but also anticipate future trends and changes so the technology will stand the test of time.

Our two I’s stand for technical INNOVATION matched with human INSIGHT. Viiz offers a stable, fully-redundant cloud-based, mesh network that can transport all modern forms of data, from any device, to enhance and personalize the end-user experience. With that foundation, our R&D team develops novel technologies to address modern communications challenges or update legacy products. That’s innovation in action. At the same time, we believe in the power of human insight to harness that technology and data and use it to support real people in their moments of need — whether in an emergency situation or simply when they need help to resolve a problem.

And why the Z? Because Z stands for completion and for ZENITH, the time and place in which something is most powerful and successful — and also the name of our powerful, IoT-connected network. Zenith describes our aim for our clients and their end users, to deliver the most satisfying customer experience possible so they feel their problem or challenge was fully understood and addressed. You might call us idealists, but that’s the standard we set for ourselves at Viiz.

Chaumont Law Inc.

Lilianne G. Chaumont is the President of Chaumont Law Inc., a law firm dedicated to the protection and representation of the electronic security, physical security, and fire and life safety industries. Her clients include companies across the country that provide intrusion detection, monitoring (intrusion, fire, video), fire detection and suppression, access control, cameras, integration, PERS and mPERS, alarm response, and guard and patrol services. Lilianne also represents central monitoring stations. Her services include acquisitions, alarm contract preparation, licensing and compliance, corporate formation and maintenance, third party contract review, risk management, and defense consulting for the intrusion and fire and life safety industries. Lilianne is a proud “Masters” graduate of the Alarm Technical Training course (120 hours), and is a member of the State Bar of California, California Lawyers Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, CAA, CAFAA, AzAA, ESA, and TMA. She has served enthusiastically as the California Alarm Association Youth Scholarship Chair for nine years and as an ESA Scholarship Judge for eight years. Lilianne is a frequent lecturer and author regarding legal matters about electronic security and life safety companies.

Ubiety Technologies, Inc.

Ubiety Technologies Inc. is a cutting edge technology startup whose aim is to create awareness of “who is in an area” based on the wireless devices that people carry with them. “Ubiety” means the quality or state of being in place. It’s the abstract quality of being in a position… “WHEREness”. Ubiety has developed patented sensor technology and device detection algorithms that can passively listen to Radio Frequency (RF) signals being broadcasted from all kinds of wireless devices (mobile phones, watches, headphones, laptops, and others), across WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, and more. Ubiety then applies their AI engines to expose insights about what physical devices and people are in a given area based on those wireless signals. The applications of this technology are many: home security and home awareness, commercial security, and public safety are just the beginning.

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Clearview Security, Inc.

Clearview Security is a locally owned, operated and monitored security company whose team of professionals has been providing integrated security solutions for commercial and residential clients since 1969.


Founded in 2004, Vaelsys is a pioneering company in the use of artificial intelligence algorithms to take advantage of data contained in images and videos. 18 years later, we have become a reference in the European market of video analytics and centralized solutions for Monitoring Stations and Control Centers.

Sorian Technology Corporation

With the mission of Guard-Protect-Secure, Sorian Technology Corporation is the spearhead company providing state-of-the-art burglary alarm equipment and first-rate Central Monitoring Services to its commercial clients, such as banking facilities, medical centers, luxury department stores, store chains, and high-profile residential clients in Vietnam.

SORIAN has always strived to improve and apply the latest technology for security monitoring solutions and provide high-standard services by the best-trained personnel to safeguard the lives and properties of its clients.