Apply for Membership

How to Apply for Membership

Applicants for membership, in each class, must submit a written application. To begin the application process please contact Illeny Maaza, Director of Membership and Programs , at 703-660-4918, or

Note: The membership is held by the company and it is not transferable. If a change in the control of a member occurs, the membership is suspended and the member must reapply for membership. If the resubmitted applicant is approved, such membership shall be reinstated without payment of initiation fees. If not approved, membership shall terminate.

For further information about TMA membership, contact:

Illeny Maaza, TMA Director of Membership and Programs
7918 Jones Branch Drive, Suite 510
McLean, VA 22102
Office: 703-660-4918
Fax: 703-242-4675