Napa, California and the wine growing region of Napa and Sonoma are serviced by multiple airports.  You may wish to investigate flights to and from multiple airports to determine your best option.  Please note that travel times listed below are based on no traffic.  Travel during peak morning and evening rush hours, or accidents on major bridges, will add considerable time to your commute.  Please plan your flight times with this in mind.  An early morning departure will mean a pre-dawn start time from the hotel.

San Francisco International (SFO)
58.6 miles from Napa / 1 hour 10 minutes, no traffic
All major airlines (United Hub)

Oakland International Airport (OAK)
49.5 miles from Napa / 55 minutes, no traffic
Most major airlines

Sacramento International Airport (SMF)
63.2 miles from Napa / 1 hour, no traffic
Most major airlines

Sonoma County Airport – Charles M. Schulz (STS)
47.3 miles from Napa / 1 hour, no traffic
Limited short haul flights – Alaska Airlines, American & United

Napa County Airport (APC)
8.7 miles from Napa / 18 minutes, no traffic (not affected by rush hour)
Private Aircraft Only