Membership Benefits

Why Join TMA?

When your company joins TMA, you become part of the premier association that promotes and defends the interests of the monitoring industry, through its work in government relations, regulatory advocacy, AHJ relations, and standards development. In addition, TMA facilitates the exchange of information, including business best practices and technology awareness, providing a competitive edge to its members. And TMA member networking opportunities are simply unparalleled in the security industry.

TMA membership is open to all sectors of the security industry. Participation in the programs of our now vertically-integrated TMA provides our members with the opportunity to network with not only those in the alarm monitoring industry, but also with users of monitoring services, providers to the monitoring industry, as well as companies that offer new and non-traditional monitoring services.

Membership Benefits, Services, and Programs

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Why should your company become a member of TMA?

We protect your interests through Government Relations and Regulatory Advocacy

  • TMA keeps you informed about legislative and regulatory actions affecting the alarm industry.
    • Through the Alarm Industry Communications Committee (AICC), TMA works to protect members’ interests in the area of government affairs and regulation. AICC retains attorneys and professional lobbyists to work with Congress and regulatory agencies to help insure that member companies are able to operate in the most effective manner.
    • TMA coordinates with the Federal Communications Commission to protect and maintain the exclusive radio frequencies allocated to monitoring centers.

 TMA represents member companies’ interests at Related Organizations.

  • TMA maintains liaisons with government agencies and groupssuch as the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), the National Sheriffs Association (NSA), the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and organizations in the insurance industry, as well as related groups such as the Electronic Security Association (ESA), the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) and the Security Industry Association (SIA). These relationships allow us to best represent the interests of our members.
  • TMA partnered with APCO and the National Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (NLETS) to design and develop the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP), a national service that is the next generation for the processing of information from alarm monitoring stations needing emergency dispatch. ASAP is a fully-automated, computer-aided dispatch system which allows TMA members to communicate and exchange information directly with the 9-1-1 centers (PSAPs) without a telephone call or call taker involvement. Participation in this program is only available to TMA members.

TMA offers members top-of-the-line networking opportunities and top-notch education.

  • Face-to-face networking and education – Members receive significant discounts when participating in any of the meetings below.
    • Leaders in the industry come together at the Annual Meeting each fall, which features sessions on the industry’s future, market trends and other topics, along with exclusive networking opportunities.
    • A mid-year meeting and trade show, ESX, gives members an additional opportunity to discuss issues and to chart TMA’s response to future challenges.
    • The Fall Operations Management Seminar is the “can’t miss” annual event for monitoring center personnel to network, exchange ideas on industry best practices and learn about the latest technology and trends. Attendees to this meeting also have the opportunity to tour state-of-the-art monitoring centers.
  • TMA’s online training for monitoring center operators and other center employees is the “gold star” in the industry. TMA members can receive up to a 40% discount (including bulk purchases) per employee.
  • A special committee focused on security industry technology keeps members informed on the latest technology developments and trends so that you can keep your company current. The committee presents free webinars regularly.
  • Publications, both digital and print, are an important source of information for members. The TMA Dispatch, issued quarterly, and TMA Signals, issued biweekly, include government relations news, profiles of award-winning monitoring centers, updates on programs companies can take advantage of to help them grow, and more. TMA also publishes the definitive guides to monitoring center burglar and fire alarm systems.
  • TMA wikis provide members-only information on state licensing requirements, best practices on disaster preparedness; hiring and personnel; monitoring center design; and signals format.

TMA provides you with forums to interact with others in the industry for your benefit and that of the industry.

  • TMA is an American Nation Standards Institute (ANSI) Standards Development Organization (SDO), and TMA members have the opportunity to propose standards and to participate on standards-development task forces, thereby having a voice in the direction of the industry.
  • TMA volunteer committees offer an opportunity for members to participate in areas of their special interest to help advance the association and the industry while making valuable networking contacts.
  • Our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), while not members-only, function as an important platform for interaction between industry professionals and as new sources.
  • Our ACCENT list-server provides our members with an excellent forum to exchange ideas and solutions to common problems.

TMA provides companies with ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors

  • The TMA Five Diamond Central Station Program, exclusive to TMA members who are listed/approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, provides a competitive edge in the marketplace by recognizing the commitment of these companies to excellence in employee education, customer service, operational standards, and the reduction of false dispatches.
  • The annual TMA Excellence Awards program recognizes outstanding companies and personnel.

How to Apply for Membership

Applicants for membership, in each class, must submit an application. To begin the application process contact Illeny Maaza, Director of Membership and Programs, at 703-660-4918, or


Change in Ownership
Membership is held by the company and is not transferable. If a change in the control of a TMA member company occurs, the member company must reapply for membership. Membership may be suspended during this time. If the resubmitted application is approved, membership shall be reinstated. If not approved, membership shall terminate without refund.

Membership Reinstatement Fee
A lapsed or cancelled TMA member company who elects to rejoin the association within two (2) years, will be assessed a $250 reinstatement fee, are not eligible for new member specials or discounts, and may be required to reapply for membership.

For further information about TMA membership, contact:

Illeny Maaza
TMA, Director of Membership and Programs

Office: 703-660-4918
Fax: 703-242-4675