NetOne, Inc

Formerly known as Security Network of America, an organization with a 25-year heritage in the commercial and home security field, SNA underwent a name change in 2014 to NetOne to better reflect a changing industry landscape.

Uniting today under the NetOne banner, our security network can speak with one voice to the industry, share one vision of continuous innovation, and stand behind one goal — maintaining the highest standards of operating excellence for our Charter Shareholder companies throughout the US and Canada. That’s the power of One.

NetOne continues to maintain an elite network combining the talents and resources of the “Best of the Best” independently-owned security companies nationwide. Our companies serve more than 775,000 customers across the U.S.. and Canada.

Our member companies pool information and knowledge to establish best practices. They also compare performance to determine optimal ways to satisfy customer needs now, and in the future. NetOne’s ongoing education programs keep our Shareholder Companies ahead of the curve, while its collective buying power reduces overall costs. These exclusive perks have always been a defining feature of SNA companies, and they continue to set NetOne companies apart from other firms in the electronic security field today.

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