Dealer Security Inc.

Dealer Security, headquartered in Canada, has been a trusted and innovative force in live video surveillance since 2016. With a specialized focus on automotive dealerships, they provide uniquely tailored security solutions that resonate with car dealers across the nation.

Utilizing advanced video analytics, Dealer Security is proficient in detecting intruders on properties. Their responsive approach includes immediate live talk-down procedures or police dispatch, ensuring that security concerns are addressed with urgency and precision.

Their partnership with the esteemed IT company A&R Solutions allows Dealer Security to blend cutting-edge technology with an in-depth understanding of the automotive industry’s specific needs. This combination guarantees personalized, top-tier protection that truly sets them apart in the market.

Dealer Security’s commitment to excellence transcends mere surveillance; they provide peace of mind, allowing car dealers to focus on their core business with confidence. The integrity and quality that define their services have made them a preferred and reliable security partner among automotive professionals in Canada.

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