Calipsa Limited

Calipsa was born in London in 2016, founded by a team from Cambridge, UCL and Imperial Universities. We saw the burden that false alarms place on the security industry and believed we could make a real difference to crime prevention through a unique new approach; applying AI technology to the challenge.

We are proud to have built technology that transforms the way we detect and prevent crime, and empowers security professionals worldwide to make better decisions - in real-time. Our technology isn’t like traditional video analytics. Calipsa is a uniquely cloud-based platform that uses machine learning technology to reduce the number of CCTV alarms. With false alarm reduction of over 90%, we are on a journey to transform video monitoring.

Today, we work with clients in 6 different countries worldwide and as the global leader in false alarm reduction, we’re committed to developing technology to support your people - not replace them. We’ve built a team that are passionate about creating a future where humans and technology work together to eliminate crime and our mission is clear: to help make the world a safer place.

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