TMA Five Diamond Marketing Tool Kit

Congratulations on your company’s TMA Five Diamond designation!

Now put your certification to work!

This “marketing tool kit” will give you resources to help you leverage your Five Diamond designation to explain its significance to your customers, raise awareness of TMA Five Diamond in the public eye, and ultimately advance your position in today’s competitive marketplace.

Please note that this web page is not public.  The information is for the exclusive use of TMA Five Diamond-certified companies, and should not be shared. Some of the materials shared refer to “CSAA Five Diamond” which was the program name through 2016.

Here are four simple steps to marketing success with TMA Five Diamond. Let’s get started!

1. Learn from others. 

For several years, TMA awarded one TMA Five Diamond-designated company the MARVEL award for its efforts to use the designation to better position the company in the marketplace. Start your TMA Five Diamond marketing by reading how other companies have integrated their Five Diamond designation into their marketing efforts, as published in Security Sales and Integration:

2. Issue a press release to your local press outlets and send it to your customers.

a. You’ve received your press release from TMA . Get it out to your local community and business media. (It’s always good to include an example or anecdote about your company’s success when contacting the media, so feel free to add your story to the press release.) Here are some examples of how companies have posted their press releases online:

b. Repurpose your press release into a mailing or email to your customers letting them know that you have been designated (or re-designated) and what that means to them. Post it on your website:

3. Add the TMA Five Diamond logo to your website and your marketing materials.

You’ve signed your logo agreement and received the logo from TMA. Now use it on everything — including your email signature block with a link to your press release/consumer information page! (Reminder: the logo agreement is only in effect during the current year you are designated.)

Examples of TMA Five Diamond promotion on company websites:

Examples of TMA Five Diamond promotion on company materials:

4. Add your designation to your media mix — traditional (TV, radio) and social (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Once you have these initiatives in place, be sure your sales team and your customer care staff is well-versed in the Five Diamond Five Points of Excellence and the benefits to consumers of contracting with a TMA Five Diamond monitoring center. And you’ll be on your way to TMA Five Diamond marketing excellence!

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact TMA’s PR/Marketing staff at Many thanks to the TMA Five Diamond companies that shared their materials.