Operator Online Level 1

TMA Central Station Operator Level 1 Online Training Program

Table of Contents

General Information

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What is it?

For years, central station managers have operated independently to get their people trained. New programs have cost countless thousands of dollars in material development, instructor training and delivery across disparate locations and the outcomes are a mixed bag success and failures with little in the way of measurable results.

That has all changed with the introduction of the TMA Central Station Operators online training module from The Monitoring Association (TMA). TMA gathered skilled professionals with decades of experience to create eight, interactive modules including targeted assessments that accurately gauge student retention and mastery of the topics. Some of the key topics include:

  • Operational Overview
  • The role of the Central Station Operator
  • Alarm verification
  • Communication Equipment
  • Telephone and radio skills
  • Underwriter’s Laboratories/FM Approvals
  • Emergency procedures

The Central Station Operators course empowers employees with the skills and understanding that are crucial before taking a call. They are presented with policies and procedures for handling the wide variety of situations they will face as central station operators and are given the chance to test their knowledge at every level of the content. Student results are measured and tracked in a state-of-the-art learning management system including a full transcript for employer evaluation.

Using online learning has other tangible benefits for the organization. Employee travel is eliminated and down-time is minimized. Students learn at their own pace. They can even learn at home or on the weekends! The eLearning format provides the ultimate flexibility for both the student and the organization. The Internet has changed the way the world does business. Now it is changing the security industry and the way training is performed. Whether it’s training for new employees or a refresher for veteran operators, the TMA eLearning programs will provide a quality learning experience that you can trust with the measurable results you can use.

Cost/Bulk Discount

Q: How much does it cost?
As a TMA member, you get a 30% discount per operator off any purchase of 1-4 licenses. The original price is $180. The TMA member price is $126/operator.

NEW: If you are a TMA Member and this is the first time you are purchasing a course, please contact our Education Department at  at 703-242-4670, ext. 15 or education@tma.us, to take advantage of your TMA member discount.

If you purchase 5-9 classes in bulk, your total discount will be 35% discount per operator. Your price will be $117/operator.

For 10 students and over, the total discount will be 40%. Your price will be $108/operator.

For purchase orders (PO) or bulk orders, please contact Ryan Williams, with the CMOOR Group, at 502-254-1590, ext. 104, or ryan.williams@cmoor.com

The price per student is $180.

If you purchase 5-9 classes in bulk, your discount will be 5% per operator over and beyond any other potential discounts (e.g. special promotion, etc.).

For 10 students and over, the discount is 10% per operator (also above and beyond any other potential discounts).

NEW: For purchase orders (PO) or bulk orders, please contact Ryan Williams, with the CMOOR Group, at 502-254-1590, ext. 104, or ryan.williams@cmoor.com

Q: Can I purchase specific modules and not the entire course?
A: No, The program is made to be certificated and as such covers a wide area of competency.

Q: How long will I be able to access to the course once purchased?
A: One year; this way, the course serves as a resource for students to go back and review after initially completing the course. Licenses can NOT be extended beyond that time.

Bulk Purchases/Purchase Orders

Q: My company will rather use a purchase order (PO) than pay for the course on-line. Or it wants to buy in bulk. How will this work?
A: For purchase orders (PO) or bulk orders, please contact Ryan Williams, with the CMOOR Group, at 502-254-1590, ext. 104, or ryan.williams@cmoor.com

Q: My company wants to buy in bulk but we don’t have the name of all the operators. How will this work?
A: The licenses can be purchased in bulk without knowing the student names. The licenses will then sit in queue indefinitely until such a time as they are assigned to an individual. At that time, they begin a six month access period.


Q: My operator quit before they completed the course. Can I get a refund?
A: No. However, you can transfer the registration to another employee, as long as it is within 30 days of the original registration. Notify Ryan Williams, with the CMOOR Group, at 502-254-1590, ext. 104, or ryan.williams@cmoor.com of the need to change. User license transfers may be made one time only.

Who Should Take the Training?

Some central stations are using the completion of the course as a requirement of hiring. Others intend to use it to provide veteran operators with a refresher course. Everyone in your organization can benefit from the course content. New operators will get an overview of the alarm industry, their new position and responsibilities. Existing operators will find the course can provide some refresher training or address areas that were not covered in their initial training. Training new and existing operators allows everyone to be working from the same knowledge base.

The course can also be used for positions other than that of central station operator. Many of the modules apply to other positions within an alarm company. For example, customer care and administrative personnel can benefit from the industry overview and communications skills. Technicians can benefit by gaining a better understanding of how the alarm industry is addressing false alarms through verification techniques and the requirements for FM Approvals, Intertek/ETL and UL.

Time to Complete

Q: How long does it take to complete the course?
A: The course provides flexibility for students based on their learning needs and styles. You may choose to complete a module at a time as you cover your internal procedures on that topic. A second option is to present the course in its entirety. If administered in this fashion it will take approximately 12 hours depending on the comprehension level of the student. Students have access to the course for up to a year, so it is not necessary to work the entire course in one sitting.


Q: How does management access the tests and scores and how long can they do so?  Can they print them for employee files?
A: Results information for the course scores and test results are available in various ways to the student.  Students can provide this information to their managers.  Course scores are available from the Navigation menu via a Knowledge Checkpoints report and provide great detail on every question the student answered throughout the course.  This provides information on where students may need to concentrate more effort should they perform poorly on the test.  Test results are stored on the Transcript and is limited to a “pass” or “not pass” indication along with a final score for the test.  At the end of the test, the student is provided a report with complete test results, but this is not available if closed by the student.  To maintain this information for future reference, the student will need to copy and paste the contents of this report into a Word document for saving or printing.

Q: I forgot to print my test results, what do I do now?
A: The report at the end of the test is currently not held for review once it is closed. To view your needed areas of improvement throughout the course, bring up the Knowledge Checkpoints report from within the course.

Q: Can I go back and review questions and sections of the course before taking the final exam?
A: The entire course, including all Knowledge Checkpoints, can be taken as often as the student likes during the access period.  Easy navigation means you can jump to any part of the course from a menu option.  When ready, you can easily start the test.  Then, if necessary you can take the final test several times as well until you achieve the desired score.


Q: How do I get the certificate?
A: Upon successful completion of the course, the system will generate a personalized certificate. This will designate the student as a TMA Certified Central Station Operator Level I.

Q: Is my certificate transferable between Central Stations?
A: The TMA certificate is issued to the individual and as such can be accepted by any company that utilizes training.

Q: What is considered a passing score?
A student must achieve 70% or higher to pass the course.

Q: We haven’t been printing our certificates. Can we print them later?
If a student has passed the course, they will have a reprint certificate link on the home page of the course. You will need to login as that student and launch the course. When prompted to return to the last page you were on, click CANCEL. This will take you automatically to the first page of the course where the reprint link will appear in the upper right corner.

If you have any difficulty with this process or have further questions, please contact technical support at 502-254-1506 between 8am and 8pm EST Mon-Fri.

Q: How can my company obtain the TMA Five Diamond Central Station designation?
A: Once all of the operators within your organization have completed the TMA Central Station Operators Level I or advanced online training, the central station can apply for the Five Diamond Central Station designation. Click here for more information.


Q. Who do I call when I have questions?
A: For general or operational questions about the purchasing process, certification, course content, etc., please call the Education Department at 703-242-4670, ext. 15 or education@tma.us

For technical support, such as help with setting up the purchase order spreadsheet or if the course will not launch, you may call the CMOOR Group at 502-254-1506. They are available M-F, 8 AM-8 PM Eastern Time.